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About Us

We are a direct Distributor working closely with Dilmah tea and Ceylon Spice Company both based from Sri Lanka. The idea of buying directly from the producer and bringing product directly to the customers is really exciting. Our challenge is to educate and create awareness that the less amount of middlemen from processing to the market shelves, the higher the quality and integrity of the products.

We love tea and food and want to give you the experience of tasting tea and spices gathered and processed at source, as close as possible from the fields where they are grown. No trading, middlemen or product stuck in warehouses and containers for months prior to packing them under numerous brands.

In addition to Dilmah and Ceylon Spice producing great product, they are also committed to giving back to their communities and sharing their profits back to society. It is so inspiring to see the ongoing charitable projects that benefit women, children elders and not expanded to Dilmah Conservation where an in house team focuses on the environment!!!

Thank you so much for visiting us and reading about us and the companies we are representing in the U.S. Please give us a try and continue to do research on the work these companies are doing to make this world a better place.

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